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David and Vivian
``After a careful reflection of all challenges I have gone through, all I can say is that you are truly unique and God has called you to do His will, not your will. Anytime I was suffering from that attacks of the devil, you encourage my husband and I that the devil is a liar. You used your own life experience to open things up to me and let me tell you the truth, it was too good because it helps me to realise that there is hope for me. Man of God, you are truly called by God and His will be done in this earth. He will guide you through and support you in changing many lives like me. Your encouragement helped me a lot and I am very pleased with you. Continue to do more for others and the Almighty God is with you all the time. God bless you and family.``
Testimonial 2
``God is good all the time. Am more blessed to share a testimony about my family and to tell the wonders of God's abundance blessings bestowed on my family. My husband and I Having been members of zwim and knowing the lead pastor Obeng have been a tremendous help and has uplifted our spirit and Christian life . I will confidently say that through the teachings and the encouragement given to me have helped restructure my life both spiritually and physically. There were times that I thought all hope were virtually gone when I was seriously trying for a baby. I thought I could do it with my strength forgetting that God is the finisher of our faith. I was so desperate, devastated and confronted pastor Obeng who helped me in prayers and established my faith in God with the word of God. And to my utmost surprise I became pregnant without knowing I was and now blessed with a handsome baby boy Nathan who was blessed and christened by pastor Obeng. His teachings has made me realised there's no other God than Jesus. Thank you Lord for the victory given and the inner peace. Am forever grateful to you Lord. Amen. PEARL
``I have been blessed by Pastor Emmanuel's teachings. One of the teachings that has really changed my life is The Believer's Authority. Since I knew this truth, my life has never been the same. I have also seen a tremendous change in my life when I got to know that I can have whatsoever I say through his teachings. These truths has actually moved me from a zero to a Hero at my work place. In fact I say what I want to see anytime am going to work and always see what I say. I remember saying that I want to be effective at my work place and also being a force to reckon with at work, and today, got nominated and awarded for being outstanding in my room, for my positive attitude, commitment and also coming out of my shells in bring out ideas for the improvement of the room. Through Pastor's teachings I have realised that, it doesn't matter the colour of your skin, if you acknowledge who you are in Christ nothing shall be impossible.``
Testimonial 3
``My personal life and that of my family has been greatly imparted by the teachings as well as revelations from the teaching of Reverend Emmanuel Obeng of Zion Way Ministries International. Before my encounter with this man of God and this ministry I thought I knew enough but I later realised through my encounter that there are indeed some deeper truth and revelations in the word of God. This brought a whole lot of stability in my walk with the Lord, my faith in God's word has moved into a different level all together, the bible suddenly has become like a new book whenever I read, through these teachings I have gained so much intimacy with the Lord with diverse testimonies to back. To me I have grown in the Lord through the consistent teaching I listen to all the time from this ministry and I know there are guys out there who are beneficiaries too. I must admit that I have been motivated to read both the bible and other Christian literature from powerful men of God through this association. I am convince with no shadow of doubt that anyone who encounter the ministry of this man of God will be moved into another level of maturity in Christ. May God continue to enlarge your coast. You are a blessing``
Matthew and Afua
``Let me first start by saying, thank you for spreading the truth about my God who is awesome and mighty to redeem and restore some like me. Your teachings have helped me to become a disciple and I am making disciple of others now. Hallelujah! God deserve praise and indeed you have prove to me that whenever God want to do somthing here on this earth, he rquire a man to be use as a channel and for me you are a vessel that God has used to transform my life. the reason why I'm writing to you is because, through your morning teachings, I have being exposed to so many gospel truths which the past 30 years of my I have never come across anything like this and ever since I started applying your teaching to my life, there has been major transformation in me. I have become more confidence in myself, bold to take a stand whenever I find myself in a situation out of the ordinary, a lot of friends and family members who have notice the changes that have taken place in me always consult me in their decision making and also for advice. It can only be the power God that can do what I have been experiencing . I have been so much bless with your teachings such ``you’ve already got it, spirit, soul and body series, perfect law of liberty” and many more others. The knowledge that I have acquired through your teaching has indeed confirmed what is written in the book of Hosea 4:6 which says “my people are destroy for lack of knowledge”. I and my family are alive , strong and healthy and united than never before . Rev you are a true blessing to humanity and I thank God your life.``